Leak-testing equipment
for fuel tanks, containers, heating tanks

Design example for semi-automatic equipment for testing fuel tanks

Automatic tensioning, pressurisation, immersing and rotating fuel containers for visual leakage testing.

  • Dip tanks with circulation pump and integrated heating
  • Underwater lighting
  • Portal construction with servo driven gripper arms in parallel feed
  • Gripper change sets
  • Gripper arms 360° rotatable
  • Tank ventilation via two switchable pressure levels
  • Communication with transfer handling robots

Design example for fully automatic equipment for leakage testing heating tanks and boilers

  • Automatic transfer of tanks through a handling unit
  • Servo driven docking of leakage testing elements on tank supports
  • Air filling with subsequent identification of slipstream air
  • High measurement precision 10^-2 (watertight) with a short testing time
  • Automatic return of tested tank to the production line via a handling unit

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