assembling and shaping

Joining / Pressing

Joining and pressing of individual parts using simple hand presses up to efficient servo-presses and power packs


Crimping using power packs for stiffening and connecting individual parts


Automated bending and shaping of sheet metal parts with power packs and servo technology

Wobble riveting / Rolling

Integrated wobble technology and rolling technology for connecting individual parts

Ultrasonic welding

Welding units using ultrasonic technology for permanent welding of plastic components

Hot staking

Hot staking of plastic domes as a form of connection technology for fast and reliable connection of components

CMT welding

Welding connections using CMT welding technology automated on robots or axis systems

Embossing and stamping

Development and building of semi or fully automated embossing and stamping units


Manual screwing units up to fully automated screwing units with integrated torque, rotation angle and position monitoring


Mechanical cutting, defined breaking or cutting of all types of materials

Cutting printed circuit boards

Cutting, stamping and milling printed circuit boards with extremely low strain rate


Automated and precise setting of solder points with soldering iron and wire


Application-specific integration of shrinking processes (hot air, infrared or heat emission)

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