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Entwicklung und Konstruktion

Development and design

The development and 3D design of machines and systems in accordance with customer wishes and specifications. Even during this early phase, customers are integrated closely in planning and coordination activities.



Wieser manufactures a wide variety of machine components in-house on modern CNC systems, and/or with local suppliers. This provides us with great flexibility in terms of modifications and delivery lead times.


Assembly and installation

The machines and systems are designed and assembled entirely by Wieser. This is the ideal platform for subsequent commissioning and acceptance testing.



The commissioning of the system and all system functions is performed in-house, together with system programming. Following successful pre-commissioning, the system is dismantled, then shipped to the customer where it is reassembled and put into service. This assures 100% functional capability.


On-call service and immediate telephone support

Online error diagnostics

Technical service

Preventive maintenance

Spare part service


Production support

Process optimisation

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